Autopsy #1: Layne Staley

Birth Name: Layne Thomas Staley 8-22-1967

Date of Death: 4-5-2002

Age: 34

7 – Personal Year at Death, Personal Day at Death, Age at Death, Attainment

The number 7 seems to cast a creepy shadow in Layne’s short life.  Staley was the original singer for Alice in Chains, and while other numbers in his chart are energies concerned with accomplishment and success, 7’s isolating force looms.  It was his attainment number, and his age when he died, 34, adds up to a 7, his personal year was a 7 the year he died, and his personal day on  April 5, 2002 was a 7.

Layne had struggled with heroin addiction for some years, and finally died of an overdose in his Seattle home in April of 2002. Over the years, his drug use had ravaged his body, and he had become emaciated, lost his teeth, and he sensed that he had reached his physical limit shortly before his death, confessing in a phone interview that he knew he was near death.

He had an 8 life path and an 8 destiny, and a 22 birthday – pretty ambitious and driven energy. He also had an artists soul with 6, 3, and 1—all creative numbers. His intensity was a 1, which may explain his tendency to be a loner, and mysterious.

He was just 3 years short of entering his third pinnancle/challenge, which was his main pinnacle and challenge that being a 3 – the artist. His life ended while he was in a 9 pinnacle and a 1 challenge. Interestingly, 1 was his intensity, and 9 was his karmic lesson.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kris
    Sep 02, 2012 @ 20:11:41

    Love layne best ever & he is missed


  2. biancaallaine
    Mar 25, 2015 @ 23:18:27

    I noticed the strong presence of the number 7 in his life as well. In fact, there’s an old interview in the early days of AiC with Layne wearing a jersey with the number 34 on it. I don’t really see it as creepy, more as cosmic alignment of a very enlightened soul. He is loved and missed, but he did leave a hell of a legacy.


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