Autopsy # 3: Janis Joplin

Janis Lyn Joplin – 1-19-1943

Date of Death: 10-04-1970

Age: 27

1 Life Path, Attainment, Personal Year at Death, Main Challenge, Intensity, Birthday, Soul

As I calculated Janis Joplin’s chart, I was astounded at the number of 1s that kept appearing. Not only in the positions in her numerology chart, but in two of Rolling Stone’s polls, her rankings add up to/reduce to  1 as well. (46th Greatest Artists of All Time, 2004, and 28th Greatest Singers of All Time, 2008).

Certainly, she was a pioneer blazing the trail for women in the male dominated world of Rock and Roll. But even before she had made a name for herself as an outstanding blues and rock vocalist, she stood out. A self-described misfit, she hung out on the fringe with other outcasts in school, and  even though she made attempts at walking the straight and narrow, was never able to remain for very long within the boundaries of convention.

The experience of a 1 life path, especially with so much 1 energy elsewhere in her chart, can be isolating. This is the spirit of the maverick, the leader, the consummate risk-taker.  The challenge is to lead without alienating – to entice others to follow – not drive them away.  Over a lifetime, an individual has a lot of opportunities to balance this energy.

There is a lot of creative energy in 1, which can be expressed a myriad of ways: Art, invention, sex,–this vibration is the dynamic, throbbing verve urging to become manifest. Janis had it in spades.

2 – Personal Month at death, Karmic Lesson & 6 – Personal Day at death

The reflective, harmonizing energy of 2 is missing from Janis Joplin’s chart and her name. It only appears as the energy in play as her personal month in October of 1970.  This energy drags a little(compared to 1) – and is passive, waiting, reflective.  Because of its reflective quality, tension can arise in relationships when 2 is active. And not just one’s relationship to a lover, friend, colleague, etc., but the relationship to all aspects of one’s life is brought to the fore during this time. Sometimes doubt creeps in  when 2 energy is heightened, and the need to reach out and connect is necessary. That her personal day was a 6 underscores the craving for connection, harmony, and love, and the fact that she overdosed in room 105 (adds up to 6) casts a poignant light on  her attempt to feel love, relief, balance with artificial substances. Interestingly the room number is composed of 1 – her life path number, 0, the field where choices are made, and 5, the number of freedom, abandon, and debauchery.

5 – Soul Number (undercurrent), 1st Pinnacle,  & 3 – 1st Challenge

Exploring number 5 further, it appears as one of her soul numbers ( undercurrent) and as her first pinnacle. This energy has much in common with 1, it’s adventurous, in perpetual motion, curious, and impatient. The movement of 5 is chaotic and changes direction often. Its purpose is to expand and move forward, but there is instability in this movement. As her undercurrent soul number, this vibration would lend itself to a fearlessness needed for a trailblazing 1 life path. 5s and 1s are willing and eager to try anything once – anything. Janis’ 5 soul likely heightened her sensual appetites and amplified her craving for drugs and alcohol.

As her 1st pinnacle, the 5 energy is available as a motivating force, presenting many opportunities to taste all that life has to offer, to promote one’s self, to travel, and to experience the freedom of living in the moment, being neither tied to the past, nor afraid of the future. Her challenge during this time was a 3, which has many of the sensual and creative components of 5, but is more emotional, and presses its subject to remain focused instead of scattering energy and resources.

7 – Soul (Aspiration) Pearl

Janis’  Soul number in the aspiration position was 7. Her nickname Pearl, reduces to a 7 also. The number in this position represents  a quality that the soul wishes to embody, a  gift that we wish to express, it is often a talent or an ability that we think we don’t already possess. I can only surmise that she may have wished to have faith  in herself, in god, in the supportive action of the universe. 7 is the number of sanctuary, of prayer, of mind over matter. This energy shares some of the qualities in 1 – namely isolation,intelligence, perfection, and the willingness to get from here to there alone.

It’s possible that in the persona of Pearl, Janis sought a place to  reinvent herself, to temper her soul, and perhaps to eventually emerge more actualized, purified. Or maybe, Pearl was a place to hide and dream.   Interestingly, the heroin that killed her was as lethal as it was because of its purity.



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