Autopsy # 5: Heath Ledger

Heath Andrew Ledger – 4-4-1979

Date of Death: 1 – 22-2008

Accidental Overdose

I don’t know a lot about Heath Ledger.  I follow famous musicians more closely than actors, but I remember the astonishing news of his death 3 years ago. He had finished working on The Dark Knight, for which he earned a posthumous Oscar (Best Supporting Actor) for his beautifully twisted portrayal of the Joker. The release of the latest Batman installment was already being eagerly anticipated. The Aussie actor’s death heightened the fervor with which we waited for its release.

He had some trouble sleeping. A lot of trouble. He couldn’t quiet his mind, couldn’t shut it down. He had  prescriptions for Lunesta and Temazapam for his insomnia. He also had prescriptions for Valium, Ativan, and Xanax for anxiety. He also had some Oxycontin and Vicodin on hand for pain.

The toxicology findings identified a lethal combination of six medications in his system at death. His Karmic Lesson was 6, meaning that when this energy was present, he’d feel a bit of a drag or some turbulence in his momentum. Because 6 was also his accessible soul energy,  its influence as a karmic lesson was likely less of a disturbance – but in the end, it proved to be poetic, I suppose.

Family, responsibility, and community are all governed by 6. This is also the number of the natural world – plants, botany, animals, as well as the natural movement toward harmony and balance. When I mention harmony and balance, I’m not talking about  social ideals, per se, but the real and instinctual tendency of all things in the natural world to exist in balanced ecology. In humans, this necessity for balance is sometimes, misinterpreted by our pre-frontal cortex as the need for perfection. Balance  is a desirable state– it is necessary, it is homeostasis, and as such is attainable, sustainable, a thing that can be realized.

Perfection, on the other hand,  will keep you up at night.

Ledger’s Life Path number was 7 – specifically a 16/7. There’s that 6 again. The equation is basically this: The Self encountering or exhibiting an energy of needing to control in an attempt to attain perfection will collapse under the weight of that expectation, ending up in the realm of 7 – where one has no observable control over anything.

An extremely cerebral energy, 7 governs the realm of ideas, plans, knowledge – the mind. It is also the vibration around  prayer, wisdom, and dreams. Individuals working this energy like to have their ducks in a row before they act. They feel more comfortable having a contingency plan, and sometimes exhibit a crippling fear of the unknown.

It seems that Ledger challenged his fears of the unknown, mastering the fear aspect of his life path number by meeting challenges head on deliberately and on purpose. I would attribute this courage to his 5 Destiny and Intensity. His desire to live in the moment, attached to neither past nor future, is a textbook 5 quality, and in fact is the gift of this number for those who balance its energy. It changes direction often, as life does. This is a number that moves, expands, and so carries some instability. It is also an energy which governs the appetites, and curiosity, enticing its subject to taste everything.

On the surface, 7 and 5 want different things. 7 moves through life more calculating and cautious, whereas 5 moves with reckless abandon, but in the end they require the subject to remain present and faithful that are OK now, and will be OK – wherever they end up. It seems that Ledger managed to use the gifts from both of these numbers to complement each energy’s influence.

So what went wrong?

Let’s look at his main challenge, which was 4, the number around grounding, focus, structure, and the physical body.

Looking at the abundance of mental energy in his chart, I would guess that lack of grounding was a troubling pattern for the actor. Both 6 and 4 have a domesticating influence, and while his Destiny number may have encouraged a wanderlust, his 6 soul longed for the stability of a family and a home base. The 4 challenge also indicates a need to reign in appetites and reckless behavior, and to attend to one’s health.

His personal year at the time he died was 9, a time of endings, release, and reward. January was a 1 personal month, indicating a time of increased energy, creativity, focus on his place in this world. His last personal day was a 5 – sudden and unexpected changes.

I don’t know the apartment number where he died,  but I’ve heard it was on the 4th floor. The building’s address is 421 – which adds up to a 7, his life path number. This is another instance of the poetic appearance of numbers in key events, particularly at the time of death.

Probably the most ironic thing about his death, numerologically  speaking, was his lack of sleep (and dreams). Dreams are governed by 7. This is the number of quiet places, of sanctuary. The word sanctuary adds up/reduces to 7.

He lives in that mystery now. Sweet dreams, Heath.


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