Autopsy #6: Elvis Presley

Elvis Aaron Presley: 1 -08-1935

Date of Death: 8-16-1977

Age: 42

Heart Attack & Poly-Pharmacy

Note: Sorry folks, I’m phoning this in. I’m just not feeling this one, but there’s some stuff to chew on if you wish.

There are three 9s in Elvis Presley’s core chart, namely his Life Path, Destiny, and Attainment numbers. I’ve mention in other profiles about the destructive nature of 9, and it’s self-negating aspect. Elvis hadn’t even emerged from the womb when he experienced his first loss: his twin brother Jesse Garon was stillborn. Right away, 9 had taken something from him. Jesse’s life path of course, would have been a 9 also.

That he was a surviving twin makes Elvis’ numbers more interesting. Love is a force exuded by 9, to the extent that people working this energy feel responsible for everybody – taking on their burdens, their pain, their afflictions, as their own. This loving and generous nature makes them easy marks for more predatory personalities, but again, this is 9 at work, scouring any sense of ownership or agency from its subject.

His Intensity number, however is a 1 and its concern is chiefly with the self, which runs counter to the ego-less 9. The influence of 1 as an intensity number means that when there are no other factors affecting a particular action, he’s going to ‘look out for number 1’, and pursue his own self-interests. It gets better: Jesse’s intensity was also a 1.

The number 8 figures into this as well, as it governs personal power as well as consequences. This energy is about taking up space, asserting ones’ self, and taking responsibility for past actions. It is about the integration of spirit and matter, dreams and manifest reality. Elvis’ pinnacle at the time he died was 8, the address of Graceland 3734, adds up to 8, and one of his Karmic Lessons is also 8. Keep in mind, that sharing the same birthday, had he lived, Jesse would have the same pinnacles and challenges, and personal years.

8 and 1 do similar things, in that they can be aggressive, power-hungry, stubborn, but visionary. They are both very driven energies oozing maverick fearlessness and independence.

Jesse’s Destiny would have been a 6, another energy which sacrifices self-interests for others.  The number 6 is key in Elvis’ death, as it was his added/reduced age when he died, and his personal in 1977 was a 6, and his current challenge at the time, and main challenge, was also a 6. This feels like a way that his brother is showing up for Elvis’ departure from this world that year.

His cause of death, officially cardiac arrhythmia, seems a fitting end for someone with an abundance of 9 energy in his chart.  His enlarged heart was his undoing, ultimately.


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  1. Kathleen
    Mar 14, 2011 @ 11:54:55

    These are really interesting…you are so good at this.


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