Autopsy # 7: John Lennon


John Winston Lennon – 10-09-1940

Date of Death: 12-08-1980

Age: 40

Assassin’s bullet

John Lennon was only 40 when he was gunned down by Mark Chapman a few weeks before Christmas, 1980. Only now I realize how young he was to be struck down so prematurely. Of course, everyone has been confounded by the irony that this man who used his fame to advocate peace and understanding would perish under such senseless, violent circumstances.

John‘s lifepath was 6, a number concerned with family, responsibility, love and harmony. Though his own childhood was marred by his father leaving when he was four or five, then his Aunt Mimi assuming custody from his mother, Julia, John proved to be a devoted husband and father to his second wife, Yoko One, and his sons, Julian (from his first marriage) and Sean.

There is a lot of 6 energy in his chart, showing up as one of his intensity numbers, and as his accessible soul number.

There are 3 6s in his name – all of them the letter O. Yoko Ono has 4 6s – all the letter O. He had legally added Ono to his name at some point after moving to the United States.  It seems he couldn’t get enough of this loving vibration.

Those who knew him best, remember his arrogance as a young man – and that he just assumed he would be famous. His destiny number was 1, and his soul aspiration was 8 – lots of ambition and confidence present in these numbers. The 8 would lead him to integrate his values and passions into his livelihood.

The number hovering around his death is 4. His age was 40, one of his karmic lessons was 4, his second & third challenge was 4, and 4 of the 5 hollow-point bullets  fired entered  his body, causing extensive tissue damage and fatal blood loss that December evening – which was a4 personal month in his 1 year.

Concerned with building, stabilizing, and foundation, 4 is an unlikely energy around death, but its prominence in Lennon’s untimely demise requires examination.

Both 4 and 6 govern aspects of family and responsibility. Lennon was eager to return to their apartment that evening to say goodnight to his son. Otherwise, he and Yoko may have gone out to dinner after a long day involving a photo shoot with Annie Leibowitz, finishing tracks on Double Fantasy, an interview, and of course, obliging fans with autographs – one of whom was Mark Chapman. His sense of responsibility for family and to his fans, his love for his son, put him on a a schedule that would deliver him into the sites of his murderer at 10:50 pm. The time adds up to 6, by the way.

One of 4s qualities is heart, that ability to act from a place of honesty and a belief in goodness. The fourth chakra is located in the heart/lung area, which is where the damage was done by the bullets. It is a strange thing to think that Chapman – whatever his motivation may have been, set out to destroy, symbolically,  something in a peace-loving man that Chapman himself did not possess: Empathy

The address of the Dakota building is 1, which was Lennon’s Destiny number, and his Personal Year in 1980. When he added Ono to his name, he added 9 to his Destiny. The number 9 is about endings, self-negation, and release, and like 6, is motivated by love.  Also of interest is the fact that he had staggered up 5 steps to the security station after he was wounded, before collapsing. His pinnacle was a 5 – and here it is a literal representation – ascending to the 5th step. When I look at his chart layout and see the Pinnacle /Challenge written: 5/4 – it almost seems to foretell the details of his death. The 5 bullets fired, 4 bullets penetrating, ascending 5 steps before collapsing and bleeding out.

A sick man administered the fatal shots,  but Lennon’s love for his family, dedication to his fans, put him on a course that would deliver him to his slaughter at precisely 10:50pm at 1 West 72nd on December 8, 1980.



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  1. larry pole
    Dec 02, 2011 @ 22:05:16

    why is there not a john lennon day? like feb 9,1964


  2. grizelda3
    Dec 03, 2011 @ 20:16:36

    Why Feb 9?


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