Autopsy # 9 Amy Winehouse

Amy Jade Winehouse

Date of Birth: 9-14-1983

Date of Death: 7-23-2011

Aged: 27

Cause of death: Alcohol Poisoning

Well, let’s just get the 9s out of the way first.

Her personal year is a 9, and her age at death (27) adds up to 9 as well. There.

So Amy Winehouse is the latest inductee into the infamous 27 club. I don’t think a lot of people are surprised.  So many young people in the public eye have died at this age over the decades, that I wonder how many ordinary people have also passed on at 27?  Are there temporal windows during which any of us can die? Age 5, age 27, age….?

A pattern emerged in Amy’s numerology chart consisting of 8s and 1s. Right away, I understood where her rebellion and issues with authority stemmed from (on a spiritual level).

Both 8 and 1 energies must assert themselves as being in control, in the lead, directing and delegating. Individuals with 8s and / or 1s in their makeup are fiercely independent, competitive, aggressive, as well as being creative, visionary, and natural leaders.

Amy was out there – on the fringe – her style, her voice, her music – undeniably her own and she paved the way for other singers like Adele, Duffy, Florence (And the Machine), and others.

She was a loose canon bent on self destruction, but at her core she longed to be grounded and rooted,  wanting to settle down and have children. It’s hard to picture – but that was her heart’s desire. Her Soul Undercurrent was a 4, and her Attainment number was a 6. These energies lend themselves to the nesting urge that Amy had displayed in this last year.

Her 9 personal year is of course, indicative of endings, and had the singer lived, 2012 would have been a time for Amy to reinvent herself, to start down a different path, and to receive fresh inspiration into her life. But this proved to be her final year.

Her cause of death is still pending, as her body was discovered only two days ago. She seemed a difficult personality to understand from afar. People close to her have stated that Winehouse was lovely, smart, funny, and more lucid than the general public and entertainment media believe.

Her public behavior was certainly enigmatic, and this may arise from the 7s in her chart. Her Soul Aspiration number is 7, which is the number of mysteries, dreams, the depths of the unknown. This is likely the ground from which her creative vision sprang. Her Destiny number is also 7, which says to me that the mysterious workings of life called to her, enticing her to look beneath the surface, to delve into the darker realm of consciousness. This may be one reason she abused drugs and alcohol, as a way to alter her consciousness.

She’s died in a personal 7 month as well. This autopsy will be updated as details about her death become available.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. TL
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 20:00:21

    you are amazing, insightful & gifted. Thank you


  2. Arndt
    Jul 26, 2011 @ 13:55:57

    Hi Griz,

    could you explain how you calculate the three Soul Numbers? I havent heard from the Undercurrent, the Aspiration and the Accessable Soul Number. It would be great if you could explain it.

    Best wishes and thanks for your insights in Amys Numbers



  3. grizelda3
    Jul 26, 2011 @ 15:08:25

    Hello Arndt,
    Thank you for visiting Celebrity Numerology Autopsy, and for your thoughtful question!
    The three-tiered soul numbers shed light on our inner motivations and are expressed in layers. The Accessible soul number is found in the vowels of the first name. This energy feels like a ‘home base’ for the subject, and the qualities of this number resonate most strongly with the subject.
    The second layer, or Soul Aspiration, is calculated form the vowels in the first and last name, or the name used professionally. and indicates qualities that the subject aspires to, or wishes to develop.
    The deepest layer, or Undercurrent, is calculated by the vowels in the full birth name, and reveals the energy that is moving through the subject’s life and experience at the most subtle level, quietly guiding, nudging, and inspiring the individual along their life course.

    I hope this provides some insight into the soul number calculations.

    Take good care!



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