Autopsy # 10: Prince


Prince Rogers Nelson
Date of Birth: 6-07-1958
Date of Death: 4-21-2016
Age 57
Cause of Death: Fentanyl Overdose

As of this writing, Prince’s cause of death has not become public record, but I don’t believe it will make a difference for the purposes of this post, because there are so many fascinating occurrences in his numerology work up.

I wasn’t surprised to find 9 factoring in some key places in Prince’s chart. It’s his Life Path, his Soul number, and there are four 9s in his name, so this energy has wielded a strong influence in the enigmatic performer’s life.

Altruism, selflessness, impassioned artistry, sensitivity–these are 9 qualities which have been  evident in Prince’s life and career. He didn’t just create music. He lived, breathed, and bled music. And his work wasn’t just for the sake of giving the people something to dance to, but something to think about. He was a pied piper for our era.

Interestingly, the word elevator, the place where he was found dead at his Paisley Park home and studio, reduces to a 9.

The other number which figures prominently not just in his chart, but in his life and work, is the number 7. Prince wrote a song titled, “Seven,” and recorded an album titled, “3121,” which adds to 7.

His birthday is 7, his third pinnacle (ages 36-45) was a 7 (during the years between 1994 to 2003). He wrote his first song at the age of 7. It doesn’t stop there.

The address of his home and recording studio is 7801. Reduces to 7. The letters in Paisley Park, also reduce to 7. His son Boy Gregory, who tragically died from Pfeiffer syndrome, 7 days after he was born.

I’m not sure another human being exemplifies the wonder of 7 energy the way Prince has.

Perfection, prayer, inward focus, mystery, aloofness: These are trademark aspects of 7 energy. It teaches us about faith, about the dark night of the soul, invites us into hidden places, and encourages inquiry about mystery, the unseen, the unknown, and encourages one to dialogue with their dreams. I find it especially intriguing that his home/studio are so heavily immersed in 7 energy. There is undoubtedly a sense of hiddenness, secrecy, and sanctuary in the place Prince called home.

There are three numbers missing from the energies in his name and his birth date: 2, 4, 8.

These are numbers more grounded here in the physical world, relating to foundation, family, business, accomplishment. Absent numbers are considered karmic challenges in numerology, and these numbers show up conspicuously in the timing of his death: On April 21, 2016, his Personal year was 4, Personal month was 8, and his Personal day was 2.

In the absence of number 2, and especially as it shows up as a challenge to two of his pinnacles (1985-1994, and 2003 to 2016), I see it reflected in his many romantic relationships . I don’t doubt that there was love and substance in many or all of these, but it seems he hadn’t found ‘the one.’ Maybe he wasn’t looking for the one. The 7 and 9 energies made him hard to know, and 9 people often belong to the world, so there isn’t a sense that their love, even in its intensity and enormity, is meant for just one person.

The 4 energy is about stability, family, security, roots. I think that he likely internalized the pain from his parents divorce and his impoverished childhood, and may not have recovered a feeling of security.

The 8 is a little harder to understand as a challenge in Prince’s chart, because it’s largely concerned with success. It’s about legacy and vision. By all appearances, success, acclaim, mastery, never seem to have been elusive goals he was fated to chase. He attained success early, and kept a level head and his wits about him, and there is no doubt about his having been a genius visionary. So how had 8 challenged Prince? This energy shows up as a test of how one deals with authority. Being subject to another’s authority, or wielding power of one’s own. And it’s about justice. In this aspect, 8’s  presence as a challenging force was plainly evident in Prince’s life during his battle with Warner Brothers in the early 90s.

Some interesting notes:

I was watching the Welsh singer Tom Jones while drafting this post, and just for kicks and giggles checked to see how old he was. Turns out he’s 75. Prince was 57. I had forgotten that Jones had covered Prince’s hit “Kiss” some years ago. Tom Jones’ wife, Linda, had died just 11 days before Prince. Jones and his wife had been married for 57 years.

Tom Jones’ birthday: 6-7-1940.He  and Prince had the same birthday,  being 18 years older than Prince, that’s two 9 year cycles. Tom Jones is also a 9 Life Path.

I’m just going leave that alone for the time being.







Number 9: Vortice Energy


Let’s talk about 9. It’s why I stopped giving personal numerology readings.

Nine is the number associated with endings. It’s a force which annihilates and encompasses. It completes a process, and it transcends. In numerology letters are represented by numbers from 1-9, and larger numbers and dates are added together until they reduce to a single digit from 1-9. When 9 is added to any number, its value is 0. For instance: 6 +9=15. So you reduce 15 by adding 1+5=6.  Go ahead, try it with any number. A numerologist’s shortcut doesn’t count the 9s in a string of numbers, because they are like zeroes. So we see a quality in 9 that symbolizes  the quantity of nothing. The word Nine is related to none, and the German nein, words denoting emptiness and negation, denial.

In mystic traditions, 0 represents the cosmic egg from which all life emanates,  the vast fabric which contains everything. It is formlessness giving rise to form, and the void to which all form returns. While the symbol for 0 appears static, 9 is a spiral, a vortex, dynamic, it is the conveyor from formlessness to form and back again.

In numerology, each number represents a trajectory and its attendant energies. A number’s characteristics may be balanced or imbalanced, its process begins at the baser, egocentric end, progressing toward the higher, selfless, wiser aspects of a given number. Qualities of each number from 1-9 exist along the spectrum in each number, much like  integers do between whole numbers in mathematics.

These aren’t merely binary, dualistic good or bad characteristics, but the comprehensive expression within each number to exhibit traits engendering sense of self, the ability to relate to others, the drive to create and express, a curiosity that  revels in the sensual world and pushes boundaries,  possesses an appreciation for the natural world and understands the value of community, the desire to withdraw from the outer world and seek deeper wisdom from within, the determination to leave behind something lasting, and a vision for the future, and finally a willingness to let everything go, to open, give, love, inspire.

Within the number 2 for example, there is a 1 quality which is competitive, a 6 quality which is nurturing, a 7 quality which is intuitive and shy, and there is a 9 quality which seeks to support and build up others.  Each number has within the qualities of all the other numbers. The goal of each number is to transcend the ego, resolve to its highest, selfless, agape- love expression which is 9. All numbers aspire to this state, and here lies the incredible force of 9.