Numerology Glossary of Terms

Life Path – The reduced number of the birth date. This governs the terrain and external forces of one’s life

Destiny – This is the reduced number of all of the letters in the birth name. This reveals the best use of inherent talents and gifts of an individual.

Attainment – This is the sum of the Life Path and Destiny numbers. This tells us how the outer forces and inner gifts resolve energetically. The vibration of this number is usually most apparent as one matures into their 40s.

Soul Numbers – There are three, all calculated from the vowels in a person’s name.They are:

Accessible: The quality or aspect most recognizable to the subject as a spiritual home-base (vowels in first name)

Aspiration: The quality or gift that the subject wishes to cultivate and embody (vowels in professional name, or usually just first and last names)

Undercurrent:  This is the deepest level of soul energy – and functions like an energetic GPS, keepingus on track and in line with our Destiny, Attainment, and Life Path blueprint. (Vowels in full birth name)

Personal Year – Calculated by adding subject’s birth month and day to the universal year, and reducing to single digit.

This number influences events during a given year, in conjunction with Pinnacles, Challenges, and

Personal Months & Days.


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