2016 – Cloak and Scythe

This has been a year fraught with the loss of some of our most luminous and beloved

artists, visionaries, thinkers, and other celebrated individuals. That there have been so many who have died this year has many of us blaming the year – 2016, for these deaths, many of which seem so untimely, and leave us feeling robbed of such immense and rare talent.

So how is 2016 responsible for the losses incurred these last 12 months? It’s a 9 energy that has moved through this year, sweeping and culling and clearing and engulfing. Many that seemed ready to go found its swirling vortex energy opportune, and others who perished much too soon were caught in this energetic tornado.

I noticed that many this year have died of heart related conditions. Heart disease is the number one killer in the US. From a spiritual perspective, the heart is the seat of the soul. A 9 attribute is an enormous capacity to love, to empathize, to put others first.  Zsa Zsa Gabor, Alan Thicke, Pete Burns, George Michael and so many others this year succumbed to heart failure.

If you look back to the last 9 year, which was 2007, you’ll notice many notable deaths that year, including Anna Nicole Smith, Molly Ivins, Richard Jeni, Wendy O Williams, Tom Poston, Jerry Falwell and others. The 9 year before that would have been 1998, when we lost Frank Sinatra, Shari Lewis, Sonny Bono, Phil Hartman and others.

Death is always jarring, in any year. It wends and slinks its way to each of us eventually, and maybe that’s why we take notice in years like this, when it feels unnervingly proximate.



Number 9: Vortice Energy


Let’s talk about 9. It’s why I stopped giving personal numerology readings.

Nine is the number associated with endings. It’s a force which annihilates and encompasses. It completes a process, and it transcends. In numerology letters are represented by numbers from 1-9, and larger numbers and dates are added together until they reduce to a single digit from 1-9. When 9 is added to any number, its value is 0. For instance: 6 +9=15. So you reduce 15 by adding 1+5=6.  Go ahead, try it with any number. A numerologist’s shortcut doesn’t count the 9s in a string of numbers, because they are like zeroes. So we see a quality in 9 that symbolizes  the quantity of nothing. The word Nine is related to none, and the German nein, words denoting emptiness and negation, denial.

In mystic traditions, 0 represents the cosmic egg from which all life emanates,  the vast fabric which contains everything. It is formlessness giving rise to form, and the void to which all form returns. While the symbol for 0 appears static, 9 is a spiral, a vortex, dynamic, it is the conveyor from formlessness to form and back again.

In numerology, each number represents a trajectory and its attendant energies. A number’s characteristics may be balanced or imbalanced, its process begins at the baser, egocentric end, progressing toward the higher, selfless, wiser aspects of a given number. Qualities of each number from 1-9 exist along the spectrum in each number, much like  integers do between whole numbers in mathematics.

These aren’t merely binary, dualistic good or bad characteristics, but the comprehensive expression within each number to exhibit traits engendering sense of self, the ability to relate to others, the drive to create and express, a curiosity that  revels in the sensual world and pushes boundaries,  possesses an appreciation for the natural world and understands the value of community, the desire to withdraw from the outer world and seek deeper wisdom from within, the determination to leave behind something lasting, and a vision for the future, and finally a willingness to let everything go, to open, give, love, inspire.

Within the number 2 for example, there is a 1 quality which is competitive, a 6 quality which is nurturing, a 7 quality which is intuitive and shy, and there is a 9 quality which seeks to support and build up others.  Each number has within the qualities of all the other numbers. The goal of each number is to transcend the ego, resolve to its highest, selfless, agape- love expression which is 9. All numbers aspire to this state, and here lies the incredible force of 9.